Thursday, August 28, 2014

Can I spend an entire week offline?

You might NOT be surprised that I cannot spend an entire week off the Internet. Yes, I cheat. And God knows I have tried. Let's face it, the Internet is addicting--that single status placed somewhere, anywhere, scrolling your Twitter feed, checking your Facebook messages, blogging your word count which has to be the most pathetic thing, promoting the image you have created for yourself. The list goes on and on.

I cannot spend an entire week offline.

There have been multiple attempts at trying. Multiple. Failures all. In August I made a serious attempt and lasted three days at most, although I did cut my Internet time by half. But that just isn't good enough. I don't like myself for it. Most of you are probably wondering what the big deal is. Well, I believe the Internet has affected my life in a negative way. Although I have met wonderful people on the Internet and certainly hope to continue that one day, I no longer feel the Internet is productive for my artistic life. I just don't. And there are days where I feel the Internet emotionally harms me. I just don't need all these inputs, good or bad, in my artistic life. I need quiet and reflection.

This last year I've spent a great deal of time reading about the creative life, how the brain works during the creative process, what helps you to be creative and so forth. Unfortunately, the Internet is not a productive tool for most artists. And shockingly, a digital lifestyle and habit can affect how your brain works.

I just don't want this habit anymore.

So what does this all really mean for me. It means I am going into Internet detox. I will be communicating with a few friends via email, because I do value some of the friendships I have made online.  Internet Detox is a lot like any other detox program. You give up the drug. Laughing. 

I sincerely mean to give up the Internet for the rest of the year and hopefully come back to it next year with proper perspective.

I know it's just a habit and I can break the habit. See all of you later !  I am totally unplugged after this post.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nature inspires me, my place, my people, the trees

People are always talking about originality; but what do they mean? As soon as we are born the world begins to work upon us; and this goes on to the end. And, after all, what can we call our own, except energy, strength, and will? If I could give an account of all that I owe to great predecessors and contemporaries, there would be but a small balance in my favour.
                                              Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Augoustos SordinasBronze AgecavesgeoarchaeologyIonian islandsKephaloniaMesolithic period, Neolithic periodNorthwest Greece,Palaeolithic periodprehistoric researchSidariStone Agestone tools,Thesprotia

He drove a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. He was old by the time I met him, but still driven to teach. He was distinguished and kind and invited me to go on one of his personal field trips. He told me that I wrote the most interesting essays. (Laughing and maybe one day I'll post the one he liked the most.) Today I was reading all my papers from his classes and I knew I would find him online somewhere. He died many years ago, but his work is still used through-out the Anthropology community. He knew everyone and traveled everywhere.  He was not only my teacher but my advisor. And a huge influence. I was always interested in caves, mainly because I feared them.  As a young girl I had been in several, some very primitive and wet and dark and haunting and I told him about them. In turn, he showed our class a great many personal slides of caves that he had visited all over the world. Caves fascinated me in a way that they fascinated him, the idea of people living in them or using them for magical purposes. I was very interested in how prehistoric people thought about magic, primitive religions, personal possessions, the idea of sympathetic magic and if primitive cultures thought about that in the same way that modern people did. We used to talk about that a lot and I still think about those conversations, I still know that if I had gone that way in life, I would have focused on sympathetic magic, that would have been my thing, because I had seen it in so many of his slides and I felt a deep connection to it.